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I have kept two journal entries from that time – when I started medication to help me climb up out of the dark hole and stop wading in the dark water. Both entries say things so much better than I could write them myself now – 10 years later. These were written by the person I was then – caught in the grip of the postpartum depression.

This second time was different. I felt tired – exhausted – nauseated, moody and just plain awful. In addition, I constantly felt this sense of dread – a feeling of impending doom. It was like a black cloud that hung around my shoulders and my head.

I spent the rest of that day researching postpartum depression on the Internet. I had felt – in the back of my mind – for at least a couple of months that I was suffering from postpartum depression, but I was ashamed. I didn’t want to admit to anyone that I wasn’t in control – that I was floundering and flailing in dark water and I was about to go down for the third time.

Are there documents out in the open? Computers left unlocked. Are patient folders left accessible to non-essential staff? What’s going out in the trash? Where are unused computers left? Offices are busy places, and often we fail to think about these items for more than a minute, but what if it was your file?

Although the Department of health and human services has reported that 70 percent of the elderly population aged 65 and older will require care anytime from now, it did not say that the younger generation is exempted.

Manage your stress any good way you can. Stress causes heart disease which is the number one killer of adults in the united states. Learning to control stress will help you feel better every day and decrease chances of health problems. Try meditation, relaxation and exercise to manage stress. Read a good book or find a hobby that you can put your back into.

Put another way, a smoking-related death occurs somewhere in the world, every 8 seconds, 365 days a year. The sooner we remove the blinders and look carefully at nicotine addiction and the damage it causes; the sooner we can begin pull away from its lies.